Singing stone

​​The Crossroads

"When the last hour is at hand, you will stand at a crossroad.  If you have prepared in advance, you will be ready to move on with great ease and confidence, like an eagle soaring into the sky."

-Tulku Thondup Rinpoche

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Jodi Alieksaites, MA, LPC

Boulder, Colorado


The Eagle of Singing Stones Lodge (click for link)

Many moons ago Great Eagle soared the skies over the land and Eagle was truly a majestic bird. Eagle soared gracefully over the hills and canyons of Beautiful Earth. Eagle swooped and dived over the verdant forest and deep Rivers, home of Tree People and Water Spirits. Great Spirit loved the mighty bird and enjoyed watching Eagle on the daily flights. For many Moons and many Suns, the daily ceremony continued, Eagle blessed Earth and Sky with Good Medicine. Great Spirit was happy and full of joy. However, as it is with the way of things, Majestic Eagle became Old Eagle. The flights became shorter and not as high. Still Eagle was just as beautiful and majestic as when she was young. Great Spirit still was watching over Great Eagle. Great Spirit called a Council of the Sky Spirits, the Tree Spirits, the Water Spirits and the Stone Spirits. Great Spirit said, “As it is the way of things ,Great Eagle will soon die. It is time for her to pass over into the place of Eagle Spirits. Watch carefully for I will help Great Eagle complete her flight. So the Tree Spirits, the Water Spirits and the Stone Spirits began to keep a daily vigil and offered prayers at Sunrise to the Four Winds for the safe passage of Great Eagle. Great Spirit pondered upon how the memory of Great Eagle could always be honored and kept sacred. Great Spirit suddenly knew how it could be done. This is how it happened. Great Spirit sent Great Lightening and in a flash of fire, Great Eagle was turned into the most beautiful of stones. All of the colors, pure and clear as shimmering glass form the image of Great Eagle. Great Spirit had talked to lodge keeper. Together they prepared a place with a view to the South. Great Eagle received a welcome and a Great Feast was given. Many Earth people gathered and offered sacred herbs to the Four Winds. The Tree Spirits, the stone Spirits and the Water Spirits, the Sky Spirits and the keeper of the Lodge are happy. Great Spirit watches over them all and feels joy. Great Eagle still blesses with Good Medicine. When Sun is in a good place even Rainbow comes to laugh and gives her colors to the Lodge in gratitude. All are happy. Great Eagle gives her welcome and spreads her Wings in A Healing Blessing over all who come here. And The Heart of The Lodge Keeper at Singing Stones is filled with Joy and Gratitude.

counseling at the crossroads

I have been counseling and working with individuals, couples and groups since 1995.  My first vehicle was astrological counseling (apprenticed under Quan Tracy Cherry in Kansas City, MO) which I complimented with Shamanic training beginning in 2003 (studied with  Chris Davidson in Nederland, CO).  My graduate degree internship was completed at TRU Community Care Hospice in grief counseling and I graduated from Naropa University with a Master's Degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy in May 2013.  In addition, I completed a year long externship in Play Therapy with The Boulder Center for Play Therapy/Bridge Center for Play Therapy and have worked with the Basic Attendance model, end of life care and Dementia at Windhorse Elder Care since 2011.  In 2016 I began training in Reiki with Susan Chiocchi in Boulder.  I'm also a student of Reggie Ray and a member of Dharma Ocean in Crestone, CO. The emphasis in my counseling work is focused on deep somatic exploration, body-mind connection and spiritual integration. 

Areas of Specialty:
Body-Centered Psychotherapy ​

Major Life Transitions

Grief & Loss

​Western Astrology 

Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Journey

Energy Healing (Reiki)

Attunement-Based Play Therapy

Dementia & Alzhemer's-Type Dementia

My skill is in my contemplative approach, an ability to attune quickly to my clients and facilitate an environment for you to increase your emotional intelligence and personal embodiment. I enjoy working with clients who like to dive deep and are committed to the process of personal growth. I work with adults of all ages at my office in Boulder, CO.