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Boulder, Colorado


counseling at the crossroads

Jodi Alieksaites MA, practices Contemplative Psychotherapy in Boulder, CO with a focus on death, dying and life transitions. 
She has many tools in her tool kit, including:  Western Astrology (reading charts since 1997), Shamanic Journey Work and Soul Retrieval (since 2003). 

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The Crossroads

"When the last hour is at hand, you will stand at a crossroad.  If you have prepared in advance, you will be ready to move on with great ease and confidence, like an eagle soaring into the sky."

-Tulku Thondup Rinpoche

Jodi Alieksaites, MA Contemplative Psychotherapy

I have been counseling and working with individuals, couples and groups since 1995.  I know that everyone struggles sometimes and having an ally is invaluable through those times.  My first vehicle was astrological counseling (apprenticed under Quan Tracy Cherry in Kansas City, MO) which I complimented with Shamanic training beginning in 2003 (studied under  Chris Davidson in Nederland, CO).  I graduated from Naropa University with a Master's in Contemplative Psychotherapy in May 2013 and also work with Windhorse Elder Care.  The emphasis in my counseling work is focused on death, dying, major life transitions & working with elders with dementia and Alzheimer's through embodiment.  I am also currently an extern at The Bridge Center for Play Therapy.